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Maison Belle was developed after Isabella Smith’s desire for an effective, eco-friendly and beautiful cleaning product. Isabella was a pioneer in internet commerce in Denmark – she wanted to offer customers an online store where they could find all the most beautiful, trendy and interesting items for the home and garden from around the world. There was a need for a good cleaning product – Maison Belle became the cleaning product that fulfilled her wishes and production started in 2006. The products are still produced according to the same vision – and all products are still locally made in Denmark.

We have the environment in mind – all products are biodegradable.

Kitchen Orange

Everyday luxury and efficiency

Maison Belle

A range of products to cover all your home cleaning needs.
Dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, limescale remover, kitchen cleaner, cleaning products for the bathroom – there is a special product for every need.
And universal cleaning products with seasonal fragrance as well.

Practical and easy to use with a trigger spray.

The products each have their own unique and delightful scent of fruits,
flowers, herbs – giving you a sense of well-being in your clean home.
All scented with natural essential oils.

Produced in Denmark and fully biodegradable.
The plastic bottles are recyclable.



The plastic bottles can be recycled by sorting the empty plastic bottles, then can the plastic is recycled for new energy, new packaging or other products.

French everyday luxury


French hand soap that is gentle on the skin and rich in nourishing natural glycerin. Smells so nice of lavender, rose or lemon / mint. The color of the soaps is incredibly beautiful and the labels are with French sophistication.

The liquid hand soap is made from pure vegetable oils and produced in France and is a “Savon de Marseille”, which means that it is made according to traditional methods that protect the quality and craftsmanship.

The story of Savon de Marseilles is that several hundred years ago the French king issued a decree on how the Marseille soap was to be made. In this way, the good quality was maintained and the exclusive right to call the soap Savon de Marseilles ensured.

Essential oils have been used for centuries in food, perfume, cosmetics and as aromatherapy.

The oils can awaken the senses. Some oils may have a calming effect, others may have a more stimulating effect.

All for your well-being.



The beautiful and unique labels for both Maison Belle and Savon liquide de Marseille are easily recognizable.

All the labels for Maison Belle are in beautiful colors and a strong graphic design.

The Savon liquid de Marseille label is graceful and with French sophistication. 


Maison Belle’s cleaning products are both extremely  effective and biodegradable.  That is, they can be completely part of  nature’s cycle. The products are broken down into carbon dioxide and minerals by helping good microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and other good things.


Natural scents

For centuries, essential oils have been used for religious purposes, cosmetics, food, perfumes and natural medicines, because they have good properties for the skin and amazing aromatherapeutic properties that are unique to the body and mind.

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic plant extracts from flowers, fruits or leaves. The oils are typically extracted by distillation from flowers.

Several of the essential oils have cleaning and antiseptic properties e.g. lemon, mint and lavender. In addition to the feeling of a clean, fresh home, the mentioned essential oils also fight the bacteria. The plants produce the oils to protect themselves from attack by the microorganisms. The oils are extremely bactericidal, and wonderfully fragrant. On the Maison Belle labels you can read which essential oils are used in each product.


recyclable plastic

All Maison Belles and Savon de Marseille plastic bottles are made from recyclable plastic.

The bottles are sorted as plastic waste for recycling in the sustainable way. The recyclable plastic is cut into smaller pieces that are heated so that it melts and it can then be shaped into small tiny pieces called plastic granules. Then the plastic is ready to be used in new products.

Recycled plastic can be used for plastic packaging, waste bags, carrier bags, sleeping bag fillings, fleece sweaters, etc. The industry is working to figure out how to use recycled plastic for even more products. It will have major environmental benefits. You emit 1.5 kilos less CO2 every time you make 1 kilo of plastic from plastic waste instead of making it from new crude oil. (source



Maison Belle and Savon De Marseille have a long tradition of making fragrant and effective soaps. We cherish the unique manufacturing method that provides a product that is loved and valued for both fragrance and efficiency.

The technological development of ingredients allows Maison Belle products to replace and improve ingredients in a more sustainable direction. It is work we place a really high value on and which we constantly follow up on for the sake of the environment and all of us together.


not tested on animals

The Maison Belle products and the Savon De Marseille soaps have not been tested on animals – fortunately it is a legal requirement in the EU that animal testing for cosmetic products is prohibited. However, the law does not prevent animal testing of products sold elsewhere outside the EU. Both Maison Belle and Savon De Marseille are produced in the EU by well-established companies – ensuring that legislation is complied with.



Most of the Maison Belle products are vegan – there is only one non-vegan product – softness. The product description on each product states whether the ingredients are vegan.

Savon Liquide De Maiseille is made from pure vegetable oils – however, the added fragrance is not described as 100% vegan. We have a great desire to develop the products in a sustainable and vegan direction without affecting the unique scent and efficiency.




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