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Maison Belle is a series of specially developed cleaning products for the home that are incredibly
fragrant and yet very effective. The home will smell natural and pleasant of flowers, fruits, spices and herbs - pure well-being. In addition to the cleaning products, the series consists of a mild hand soap and a light and
caring hand cream that has a unique scent.


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Maison Belle

A range of products that cover the need for cleaning in the home. Dishwashing, laundry, descaler, kitchen grease, need to clean the bathroom

– there is a special product for every need.


Maison Belle dishwashing gel


A dishwasher gel is a highly effective and gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for washing glass and porcelain.

It’s easy to use, as you can adjust the amount of soap depending on the level of dirt and grime on your dishes.

The gel formula dissolves quickly and efficiently, even at lower water temperatures. Plus, the addition of natural apple and thyme essential oils gives your dishes a pleasant, delicate scent.



Maison Bele

Founded more than 15 years ago by Isabella Smith, Maison Belle has been producing effective cleaning products with a very special and amazing fragrance composition.

    We take the environment into account – all products are biodegradable.




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