Maison Belle Limescale, Lavender/ Mint


Super effective limescale remover, ready to spray on e.g. glass shower enclosures.

Can be used on tiles, chrome, porcelain etc. with a wonderful scent from the essential oils of lavender and mint.

Liquid limescale remover for daily use with practical spray.

Spray Maison Belle Limescale on the area you want to remove limescale from, wipe with a wet cloth or use a sponge and rinse or wipe with water. Maximum effect achieved by using Maison Belle Bathroom before treatment with Maison Belle Limescale.

The spray on Maison Belle Limescale is easy to set as needed, it can be set to either a thin direct or a wide beam. In addition, the spray can be rotated so that it is closed / locked.

Tiles and enamel: Clean the surface after treatment with Maison Belle Bathroom to neutralize Maison Belle Limescale, as extended contact may damage tile grouting.

Can be used on ceramics, steel, porcelain, enamel, vinyl, glass, brass and chrome. Cannot be used on marble, granite, concrete and other porous materials.

On the label the essential oils are listed as perfume.

Contains Linalool.

Store at room temperature.

Produced in Denmark.

500 ml

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 7 × 21 cm


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