Dishwashing gel, Apple/Thyme


A liquide dishwashing gel with essentiel olis of apple and thyme.

A dishwasher gel is a highly effective and gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for washing glass and porcelain. It’s easy to use, as you can adjust the amount of soap depending on the level of dirt and grime on your dishes.

The gel formula dissolves quickly and efficiently, even at lower water temperatures and small water volume. Plus, the addition of natural apple and thyme essential oils gives your dishes a pleasant, delicate scent.

How to use:Pour 20 ml gel into the soap dispenser. Close the lid and select your preferred program. Suitable for all dishwashers. Powerful cleaning without phosphates. Wash preferably with a full machine. Avoid overdosing.

Store at room temperature.

Produced in Denmark

500 ml

Ingredients: aqua/water, glycerin, carbomer, fatty alcohol alkoxylate 2, citric acid, xanthan gum, propylene glycol, phosphonobutanetricarboxylic acid, dipropylene glycol, subtilisin amylase, alpha parfume, thymus vulgaris leaf extract, pyrus malus juice (apple), ci 61585

Additional information

Weight 650 g


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