Loofah kitchen sponges, 2 pcs.


Kitchen sponge for the dishes – clean without scratching – and without sending microplastic in the drain.

The sponges natural, scrubbing properties make it good for many different purposes.

A natural product that can be used in the bath, as a soap storage or as a kitchen & cleaning sponge.

The fungus is completely natural and biodegradable. Loofah or Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical plants in the pumpkin / cucumber family. The fruit of the plant most of all resembles a cucumber. It is the one you use to make the sponges.

This is a quality product with a nice finish from Croll & Denecke. The German family-owned company has been manufacturing quality products in natural materials since 1897.

Additional information

Weight 23 g
Dimensions 13 × 8.5 × 3.5 cm


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