Savon de Marseille, Rose


Liquid French hand soap with a wonderful scent of roses and the most beautiful pink color.

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Liquid French hand soap with the most wonderful scent of rose, really beautiful pink color and the labels are with French sophistication.

Mild and rich in natural glycerin.

Maison Belles Savon de Marseille is made from pure vegetable oils and is produced in France.

"Savon de Marseille", which means that it is made according to traditional methods that safeguard the quality and craftsmanship. Hundreds of years ago, the French king issued a decree on how to make Marseille soap. In this way, the good quality was maintained and the exclusive right to call the soap Savon de Marseille was secured.

The hand soap is made according to an old French saponification method, which is a reaction between vegetable oils and potash (potassium hydroxide), with a smart mixture of heating and mixing according to the essential oils used. The saponification of Maison Belles Savon de Marseilles is still made in open copper vessels and hand-stirred to perfection.

Store at room temperature.

Durable 12 months after opening.

French produced.

500 ml

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 7 × 19 cm


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