Washing brush, S-shape


Washing brush for daily cleaning.

Great for daily cleaning; grinds medium hard and is effective for kitchen utensils, crockery, countertops and dirty surfaces. The brush is made of durable plant materials and is biodegradable.

Can also be used as a vegetable brush.

ERGONOMIC - Shaped like an S, it provides easy handling, a comfortable grip and easier scrubbing. In addition, the S-shape allows for easier access to narrow corners.

The brush is lower of beech wood (FSC certified) with sisal fibers. Sisal comes from the leaves of a special Mexican palm - Sisal fiber.

CARE: Clean the brush with mild soap and warm water for maintenance. Wipe off excess water and allow the brush to air dry with the brushes facing down to prevent damage to the wood.

This is a quality product with a nice finish from Croll & Denecke. The German family-owned company has been manufacturing quality products in natural materials since 1897.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 20.5 × 6 × 4 cm


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